TEQIP-III Tender Sep 2018|| Recruitment for Teaching & NON Teaching Posts


Govt. Engineering College, Bikaner has been selected for World Bank project TEQIP-III by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India under subcomponent 1.1. The main Objective of the project is to strengthen the Institute to improve learning outcomes and employability of graduates. The main activities will be carried out during project will be as follows:

  To Improve Infrastructure and Procurement for teaching, training, and learning facilities.

 To provide Teaching and Research assistantship to increase enrolment in existing and new PG programmes in engineering disciplines

 Enhancement of Research, development and consultancy activities.

 Faculty and Staff Development for improved Competence based on Training Needs Analysis.

 Enhanced interaction with Industry.

 Institution Management capacity enhancement.

 Implementation of Institutional reforms and Academic support to weak students.

TEQIP Documents:



Minutes of Board of Governors (BOG) / Executive Council (EC) Meetings

  EC 2nd meeting held on 5.11.2004

  EC 3rd Meeting Held on 7.3.2005

  EC 4th Meeting Held On 3.5.2005

  EC 5th Meeting held on 24.12.2005

  EC 6th Meeting Held On 2.5.2006

  EC 7th Meeting held On 15.12.2006

  EC 8th Meeting Held On 12.4.2007

  EC 9th Meeting Held on 25.5.2007

  EC 10th Meeting Held on 29.6.2007

  EC 11th Meeting Held on 04.08.2007

  EC 12 Meeting Held On 8.10.2007

  EC 13th Meeting Held On 22.11.2007

  EC 14th Meeting Held On 15.05.2008

  EC 15th meeting Held On 13.8.2008

  EC 16th Meeting Held On 23.9.2008

  EC 17th Meeting Held On 8.4.2009

  EC 18th Meeting Held On 1.6.2009

  EC 19th Meeting Held On 15.9.2010

  BOG meeting Held On 19.6.13

  BOG 2nd meeting Held On 25-09-2013

  BOG 3rd Meeting Held on 14-12-2015

  BoG 4th Meeting held on 22/08/2016

Tender G-Schedule

  TEQIP Mess Tender1

  TEQIP tender for rented auditorium 1

  TEQIP tender for rented conference hall & food 1

Invitation Letter of Minor Civil Work - (Tender Sep 2018)

  Academic Block Minor Civil Work

  Library Civil Work

  TELAB Minor Civil Work

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